Hydro-seeding is an efficient and cost-effective method of seeding with outstanding results for the establishment of turf grass and/or in combination with erosion and sediment control.  Hydro-seeding involves mixing seed and fertilizer with water and other materials and applying this slurry in a manner which evenly distributes seed, retains moisture, and promotes fast, healthy turf grass establishment.  Hydro-seed typically outperforms sod over the years due to the establishment of strong, deep roots in the native soil.

With 17 years of experience, we are leaders in the hydro-seeding industry with successful projects involving construction sites, municipal embankments, athletic fields, and private estates.  Our trained professionals have the knowledge to grow a new stand of turf grass in almost any application, using our state-of-the-art equipment and materials.  Our extensive network of suppliers allows us to meet any of our customer’s unique specifications for seed mixtures, mulches, matting, etc.

Evergreen Environmental Restoration uses the latest equipment and technology in the Hydro-seeding process.  We offer BFM or Bonded Fiber Matrix as an alternative to erosion control matting or blankets.  Bonded Fiber Matrix mulch is a unique class of Hydro-seeding erosion control product. The term is accepted within the erosion control industry to categorize hydraulically applied products which are designed, tested and proven to match or exceed the performance of erosion control blankets.

A bonded fiber matrix is a continuous layer of elongated fiber strands held together by a water-resistant bonding agent. It eliminates direct rain drop impact on soil (it has no holes greater than one millimeter in size), it allows no gaps between the product and the soil and it has a high water-holding capacity. A bonded fiber matrix will not form a water-insensitive crust that can inhibit plant growth, and it will biodegrade completely into materials known beneficial to plant growth.

We educate our customers about the process and provide useful information to promote optimal establishment of turf grass.  In addition, we provide a one year warranty for new turf grass installations with a signed maintenance agreement or statement of care.